If you want to climb or trek around Toubkal, you will find some useful information here. Standing on the peak in the middle of winter with beautiful snowy summits around you - it's hard to believe you're in Africa. It is a remarkable part of the world to be in. 

Most people head up the south col / cwm, as it is the most straightforward way up the mountain. However, there are a lot of other ways up the peak, so if you are into more than just peak bagging - it's really worth exploring the different options.  My favourite route is via the WSW ridge (Ouanoums), however, this requires full rock climbing / Alpine equipment to get the maximum enjoyment from the route.  Try the north col / cwm if you want to try something slightly different - there is even wreckage of a crashed plane en-route.

The following are some basic route descriptions, however, I cannot guarantee their accuracy or be held responsible for any errors. It is up to you to check all information you receive, and ensure your own safety. As in all mountain zones you should make sure you take the appropriate equipment, including map and compass, and be prepared to navigate in Alpine conditions. 

North Col Route

Toubkal north col route info

Longer more remote route up

WSW (Ounoums) Ridge

Toubkal WSW ridge Info

Adventure Route